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Dohman Law group has some of the most highly rated lawyers in Wheaton, Illinois. Our Wheaton DUI lawyers are always on the move defending clients that have been accused of drunk driving offenses as a result of being taken in by the Wheaton, Illinois police department. We do it with a personal touch and each case is handled uniquely. The lawyers from Dohman Law Group have a history of getting successful results for clients. Wheaton is strict when it comes to the enforcement and prosecution of driving under the influence criminal charges. Despite that our DUI criminal defense lawyer has high percentage of cases won.

Clients who come to us expect to experience our unmatched legal expertise. Due to the our extensive legal expertise experience in defending clients with DUI charges in and out of the courtroom particularly in Wheaton we are able to cater to their needs. Most of our clients have praised our personal touch approach to cases.  We believe in commitment to our clients and we know that we can only do that if we avoid handling individual clients collectively.

When you speak to a Wheaton DUI Lawyer and Dohman law group about your case you will be able to have full one-on-one access to them. No matter the mode of communication you choose to use whether you are communicating with us via text, office consultation, email or via a phone call our legal representation team will give you our undivided attention. You can get the answers to your most pressing DUI questions throughout the entire process.

What You Should Know about Wheaton DUI Charges

After getting charged with a DUI or you are being accused of drunk driving your first move should be carry our research and find out as much as you can about your charges. You should actually do this even before you call an attorney. It is important to hire an attorney but you as well do not want to hire the wrong one. Entrusting your case to the wrong attorney can result in negative results.

FAQ: Can A DUI Record Be Expunged?

When you are charged with a DUI regardless of where you are from it can be daunting. Your situation will even be more challenging if the Wheaton police department charges you with a DUI. For that reason you need to gather information about the laws in Wheaton DUI concerning your case. Also, look for lawyers around Wheaton and vet them. Before deciding on the lawyer that will represent you look at their achievements and what their past clients are saying about them.

Wheaton DUI Lawyer - Dohman Law

At Dohlman law group our experienced DUI lawyer can be a great resource for you. They can help you;

  • Avoid a Wheaton DUI charge from turning into a conviction.
  • Minimize the high financial costs association with a DUI.
  • Avoid getting your driver’s license suspension.

An experienced criminal defense attorney will be able to get you a favorable outcome depending on the details involving your case.

What We Can Help You With

As a result of a DUI crime you may have to incur harsh penalties prescribed by law. Even so, Dohlman attorneys are experienced and the knowledge of how the criminal justice in Illinois works. We know the approach taken by prosecutors and law enforcement personnel Concerning DUI cases. Our knowledge and experience enables us to be able to work within the law and we are able to minimize the impact of the DUI charge to your future by protecting your rights that are under the law aggressively.

We are more than capable of handling all types of DUI and drunk driving cases. We know how the charges you are facing can negatively impact you and your family. Our mission is to work relentlessly on your behalf on your case so you life can go back to normal. Below is what the Dohlman Law Group attorney’s can help you with.

First-Offense DUI

In most instances first time DUI offenders are able to have their charges dropped against them after they complete the available mandatory programs. However, they can still have their license suspended. You should not worry we can help you get your license back or a restricted driver’s permit so you can be able to go to school, work, doctor’s check up, or resume driving your kids to school.

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Aggravated DUI

If a collision occurs as a result of a DUI and causes death or serious injuries the case can be prosecuted as an aggravated DUI. There are other factors that lead to the case being an aggravated DUI such as driving under influence with a child in the vehicle.

Commercial Driver’s License DUI

A CDL license holder can lose their CDL even if they are charged with a DUI while driving a personal car. To be able to fight for your livelihood you should hire an experienced trial lawyer to represent you.

Field Sobriety testing and Breathalyzer test

You have the right to refuse to take a chemical test. Even so, you should know that law enforcement officials rely on field sobriety test and chemical tests such as the breathalyzer and blood alcohol concentration test to prove your guilt. These tests can display results showing proof that you are intoxicated as a result of an error in with the machine, if you are under certain medication, or if you are unwell.

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Through blood alcoholic ignition interlock device also known as BAIID or a monitoring device driving permit (MDDP) most drivers can get relief from a license suspension/license revocation.

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We can help you if you are facing a DUI charge by lessening the potential consequences in your case getting you a positive outcome in your case.

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We have years of investigative and legal experience.  Our criminal defense law firm has helped hundreds of resident residing in Illinois get lesser penalties and even beat DUI charges by building a strong defense and at times negotiating for better terms. We can help you with your criminal matter as well. Call our law firm if you have any questions and concerns about the Driving under influence of alcohol or drugs charge you are facing. Book a confidential consultation session so we ca hear you out. We would like to help!

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