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Brian M.
00:09 18 Sep 21
I should have paid him more! Cary Dohman will go the extra mile for you to fight your case in court and secure a positive outcome. He gets back to all your questions and messages promptly… and always has a great attitude when dealing with you in person. Over all I’m happy I hired him to represent me in court! Would highly recommend his services.
Anna B.
22:39 14 Sep 21
So helpful and answered every question I had! Thank you so much!
05:44 27 Jul 21
Cary Dohman is truly the best attorney I've ever worked with. He works with all customers from all over and even has a translator for those who need translation with Polish and Russian customers. Cary got me out of a DUI and always got back to me fast. Hands down the best in his field. Very professional. He does it because I can tell he likes helping people. Thank you Cary to handle my case so professional 10/10.
Stephany M.
19:49 08 Jul 21
Cary is absolutely wonderful! He was very professional and attentive. I’m so grateful for his hard work and helping me get found not guilty on my dui. I highly recommend him!
Monika B.
15:10 11 Jun 21
If you are looking for a good lawyer Cary Dohman is the guy you should have represent you. I was charged with DUI and 5 other charges. I was so nervous. Cary made everything go super smooth and always answered all my questions and concerned. In the end I was very happy with my case since my DUI never ended with a conviction and had many other charges dropped. He is very reasonably prices and always there if you call or text him with any questions that you might have.. I would recommend him to anyone that is looking for a good, professional DUI lawyer. Thank you Cary for always going above and beyond..
amani O.
06:40 29 Apr 21
I had gotten charged with a DUI and had 5 other charges, thinking I had no chance at all! BUT, lucky for me, my mothers boyfriend had referred me to Dohman Law where I met Mr. Cary Dohman! And Cary was beyond amazing! Cary thought we had a good chance at getting my charges reduced from a DUI so we headed to trial. I was super super nervous but Cary had it in the bag! I was founded not guilty! He got ALL 6 charges DROPPED!! I was over the moon and bursting with happiness! I highly recommend Mr, Cary Dohman!! He was very accommodating and answered every text and call when needed! He explained everything I needed to know, gave advice when needed and answered any and all questions I had! Cary is a life saver!
Erica E.
14:54 07 Apr 21
If you are looking for a lawyer Cary is the man to get the job done. After searching the internet for best DUI lawyers I decided to call him. He was always very informative, explained everything to me and always available to answer any questions or concerns that I had. I’m glad I did, Best decision I ever made as I had four charges against me and also he made sure my license wasn’t suspended while I waited till my court date. I got found not guilty on all charges!!! Thanks again Cary for the amazing job you did for me! I will forever be grateful!
Josh A.
04:11 01 Apr 21
If you are looking for a lawyer Cary is the man to get you out of the jam. I had a couple charges, we thought we had a chance with the DUI but come to find out I got found not guilty on all charges!!! Mr. Dohman is a very good lawyer and very smart. I would recommend Cary over any lawyer that you are thinking about!!! 5 star performance!! Call him now!!
Jennifer S.
16:52 31 Mar 21
Cary was the best! ALWAYS answered every phone call and text, even through covid. Very reasonable with price, and payments. Cary got my case reduced much more than expected!! If you need a lawyer, you need Cary Dohman! Thanks again!!
Jason J.
18:05 10 Mar 21
Cary was a great professional and was able to walk me through each element of my case. He was able to put my mind at ease, because he was able to provide great detail as it relates to how the process would play out. I'm glad that he was able to represent me. I would recommend Cary!
M L.
15:49 12 Feb 21
I would recommend Dohman Law to anyone who is looking for an legal assistance.Cary did an excellent job handling my traffic citation. He was able to translate all the legal issues in a way that I understood and he was able to explain the process up front so I had an understanding of the next steps. Cary was also very professional while representing me in front of the judge and prosecutor.I am very happy that I hired Dohman Law to handle my case.Thanks again!
Armando C.
19:54 11 Feb 21
I want to start off by saying Cary is amazing! Cary dropped a dui to reckless driving and made sure I didn't get charged with Dui. Highly recommend this lawyer to anyone who is getting charged with a dui.
Roy V.
20:49 26 Jan 21
I’ve never been in a situation like I was before I met Mr. Dohman. I felt lost and very nervous but this kind man not only made my feel confident and helped me in so many ways. If you need a phenomenal lawyer he’s your guy. Thank you Cary!
Remy R.
17:09 30 Dec 20
Cary is a phenomenal attorney. He has worked with me step by step during my felony cases over the last couple of years, (most people would be in prison in my position,) but Cary worked his magic when all the odds were against me. Very calm and collected, not to mention also sincere, but when inside the court room, Cary is aggressive and ALWAYS brings the best results to the table. He is very well known in Cook County as well as DuPage county. If possible I would give him 6 stars!
william caldwell S.
00:10 03 Dec 20
I had a DUI case and I was told to go with Dohman Law Group. I looked over his information and a few other Lawyers and decided to contact The Dohman Law Group. We talked for 30 mins or more he gave me my options, we went to court and I got no conviction, no revoke on my license. I couldn't believe it . He is the BEST, has a great personality and he never lied to me, also was polite and said let me take care of this, call me with any questions and I did he always had an true answer.. This Law Group Is the BEST.....Thank you Dohman Law Group...
Zachary W.
22:22 02 Dec 20
Cary was a fantastic lawyer, he was a fiduciary. Which in short means he says exactly what he means. If he says you have a chance to win at trial then he will say it to you. But adversely if you don’t he will also tell you that. The best thing I can say and he will say it to you too. Is that he will do what ever direction you wish to pursue. He’s very flexible when is comes to his fees, which are very reasonable. You can choose to pay all at the end or up front or even as you go. I really enjoyed have Cary as my lawyer it really felt like he was looking out for my best interest! On top of all that because mine was a first time offense I was able to get supervision, Cary will do the best he can to get you the best results. As much as I hope to never need it again, if I do I know who’s to call to be my lawyer!
taulant H.
19:28 02 Dec 20
I really enjoyed working with cary, he knew all the judges and prosecutors well and got the felony dismissed
John F.
18:06 02 Dec 20
Cary Dohman represented me on a DUI case that went to trial and I was found not guilty! He was very reasonably price and despite my case being prolonged he did not adjust or increase his rates. Cary did an excellent job explaining the process and potential verdicts/outcomes. I was very impressed by his ability to cross-examine the two police officers which I think ultimately reveal some important facts that helped my case. I would 100% recommend Cary.
Eli M.
18:05 02 Dec 20
Cary did an awesome job with my case. It was my second Charge and we were able to avoid a conviction, he also got me out of my suspension. During the process he always kept me updated on my case and things I had to stay on top of and never gave me any doubt, I definitely recommend.
Sean M.
22:34 23 Oct 20
Cary is an outstanding attorney. Highly recommend for anyone. He truly cares and goes above and beyond.
Kimberly E.
03:10 17 Sep 20
Cary Dohman helped my husband through a DUI Case,and two driving without suspended license. He was very helpful,informative,and understanding. He is very professional and we are so thankful for his work. Highly recommend him.
markis C.
22:00 31 Aug 20
Cary is great he helped me out so much
Krystian M.
01:14 05 Apr 20
Best Lawyer!!!I was lucky to have Cary as my Advocate!I was driving 60/30 and got DUI and he saved my CDL and my job:-)Very professional and very patient,he answered my all questions and explained everything slowly step after step.I have a little language problem and he talked to me the way I could understand!Very nice Man and good price.I definitely recommend Cary as a Defender!!!
Julie B.
20:12 06 Mar 20
Mr. Cary Dohman is the most caring competent attorney I have ever dealt with.we highly recommend him. we have used him for several problems and have never been disappointed you will not be disappointed call Mr. Doman's law firm when ever you need an attorney
Francis L.
01:34 04 Mar 20
Working with Cary’s firm has helped me out not once but twice. Cary gives great advice & is available when you need him. He has also helped my kid sister & best friend. I will continue to recommend his firm to anyone in need.
Homealone B.
17:14 26 Feb 20
Best lawyer ever all charges dismissed
Miralem R.
21:43 02 Feb 20
I was recommended by a friend about Dohman Law Group, and I am very happy I chose them to handle my case. Cary is an amazing attorney and I highly recommend him if you ever need legal help.
Thomas L D.
04:10 23 Jan 20
Bless the Lord, I highly recommen Dohman Law Group they stood by me on my case until the very end and I'm totally satisfied with the out come! I couldn't have found a better Law Firm my CDL LICENSE WAS ON THE LINE and they did everything to prevent them from getting revoked, they faught for me and saved my freedom and License. Thank you Mr Dohman may God always bless you all.!
Mark W.
23:02 22 Jan 20
Cary was excellent in helping us deal with my brother who was arrested for a DUI. Our family is so lucky that my brother found Cary Dohman to represent him. Cary was exceptionally well prepared to deal with my brother and all of his issues and help him finally deal with the legal case and move on to a better life.I give Cary my highest recommendation, and if our experience is any indication, Cary can help anyone deal with a DUI and all that it implies.
Alex G.
19:18 08 Jul 19
I highly recommend them! Thanks
Diana M.
16:52 10 Jun 19
Larry was magnificent! The judge was even shocked at the agreement my lawyer had with the prosecution. 5 stars in NOT enough!
Ruben T
01:46 06 Jun 19
Cary Dohman and the Dohman Law Group were amazing in my case. I was facing a DUI and it being my first possible criminal offense, I was in dire need of a passionate, reputable and knowledgeable law firm. Cary was the first and only lawyer I spoke to, although he encouraged me to speak to other lawyers about my case, I chose not to. My gut told me this was my guy. Cary was very communicative throughout, he was punctual to all court dates, never failed to update me in regards to anything and everything. Fast forward a few continuations into my case, my case was entirely DISMISSED. In court, Cary knew when to be aggressive and when not to be. He was extremely organized throughout, extremely respectful, and showed so much passion. If anybody is in need of a lawyer, look no further. The Dohman Law Group is very reasonable with their fees/total costs and treat you like family.
Roy R.
22:54 19 Apr 19
After I was arrested for speeding and driving under the influence, Cary Dohman was the was the guy I called. He came highly recommended from a dozen different people and websites. Boy did he come threw. Of the three counts against me, all were dropped and reduced to reckless driving. Straight talker and no-nonsense lawyer. Best money I’ve ever spent.
Nelson D.
00:31 19 Jul 18
Ana V.
17:49 18 Aug 16
He's the best lawyer ever! He got me off a dui and other traffic tickets. All charges were dismissed. I was found not guilty, thanks to this amazing lawyer. I would highly recommend him. I'm very satisfied with his services. Thank you Larry Dohman!
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