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April M
Pancho De la G.
Frank C
As a mailman who has delivered to multiple law firms & have had many long long repetitive conversations with paralegals as well as attorneys throughout the large town I deliver to…..I can easily say this is THE BEST law firm in cook county maybe even the state of Illinois. In the past, I had a minor ‘thing’ with the law & had no idea what to do or let alone…..where to go. I couldn’t go to the people I spoke to, I had a work relationship with them I had to maintain. So I did what most individuals from my generation would do….googled law firms. My gosh was it intimidating & overwhelming. Most places acted like they cared when in reality they did not care at all. One place quoted me over $2,500 just for a consultation. This place….LET ME TELL YOU ABOUT Dohman Law. First, I had a free…FREE consultation with one attorney….Michelle G. She was kind, pleasant, professional, intelligent, & down right honest. She was super confident too. I was scared as heck about my situation and had no idea what the future would hold. This lady, not only calmed my nerves but took care of anything. I hired her, how could I not?! Notre Dame alumni too! She emailed, texted, was available for allll my phone calls at almost all hours of the day & when it came time to go to court……..she was elite. She ‘knew’ some people, took care of what needed to get done, made costs for me minimum, and most important of all…… me out of court in record time. In and out! On top of that she instructed me what to do and how to act before, during, & after court. Finally, at the conclusion of all of this she assured me it is a-ok to communicate with her. She is always there and willing to help. Overall 10/10…..I highly recommend…..I suggest anyone who needs an attorney to consider this one. Building is easy to locate & the entire staff there is professional. THE BEST ATTORNEY OFFICE EVER!
manny H.
Cary is the best lawyer hands down! I’ve hired him for many traffic violations in the past and has always given me the best results!!! Recently Cary helped my dad with a Domestic Violence case his communication is unbelievable he was spot on with everything and communicated with us throughout the whole case up until the final court date that ended with amazing results!
Jay G.
Cary was one of the best lawyers i ever had! He got my DUI removed with ease & all i had to pay is the court fees! Cary was very respectful throughout the whole process & answered all my questions whenever i had any. 5 stars ⭐️ Thank you Cary!
Daisy G.
The best lawyer I have ever had! Very professional, stays in contact, explains everything to your understanding, and fights to no end for you!! I can never thank you enough Cary!!
Ana P.
Leslie M.
Erik Q.
Best of the best ! I write today to express my gratitude for your help thank you Cary Dohman,
Jackson R.
Cary was professional and attentive to the situation, and I will definitely recommend him to anyone who needs legal representation.
Katie S
Hiring Cary and his team was truly the best decision I made! I was arrested for a first time DUI. I fell asleep behind the wheel and wrecked my company car. A case involving an accident with a high BAC had me very nervous and I knew I needed the best attorney to avoid serious consequences. Cary was there every step of the way to answer any questions I had. He is such a great advocate for his clients and never once judged me or made me feel inferior! Through his utter magic, hard work, expertise, and dignified relationship with the circuit court judges he was able to secure court supervision that, after successful completion, will result in no conviction and the suspension of my license was thrown out. I can’t recommend Cary enough and I will always be grateful for his level of attention and detail for the best possible outcome in my case. Thank you, Cary!!!
Abel Mezo T
I highly recommend Cary Dohman. He is truly the best attorney I've ever had, represented me after second DUI , he was able to beat the case . Thank you Cary
scott G.
Highly recommend Cary. Great attorney who provides great results. He was able to get my case dismissed!
jose V.
Joana P.
Attorney Cary Dohman was amazing. He was able to have my charges dropped after first time DUI. Highly recommend.
Carly L.
Cassie was absolutely fantastic! This was my first DUI so I had no idea what to expect. She answered all of my questions and took a lot of stress off of my shoulders and I couldn't be happier with how everything played out!
Matthew W.
Hello Mr. Dohman is a great attorney he stuck it out and gave me time when I couldn't pay his full fee upfront and after 3 years of continuances he helped me have a not guilty verdict highly recommend his service.
james P.
This was my fourth DUI and I thought I was going to go to jail for felony but Cary was so great in court trial I got a not guilty. He was great at pinpointing what police person made mistake and explaining reasonable doubt so I could get not guilty verdict. It was great from start to finish I really really preached what he did for me and I would recommend anybody who got DUI ticket to Cary DohmanThank you
03kcavins 0.
Mr. dohman is a great guy, he was very sweet and did a great job of explaining everything to me. Not only that he got 4/5 of my charges dropped!! definitely recommend
100% worth having dohman Law's attorneys be your choice. I recently got my DUI dismissed thanks to their continuous effort. The entire process was professional and very well kept, they kept me informed of everything and explain exactly what I needed to do to get through this issue. If you are worried like I was then I would suggest calling Dohman Laws for any DUI issues.
Michael B.
Cassie Vanko…a real professional. I had a Dui and some other issues and was without a license forever. I had mandatory jail time and all the other consequences to face. Living out of state and feeling hopeless I gave Dohman law a call. Cassie took over and when it was all said and done she got me the best outcome possible. A complete dismissal! I’m so grateful to have my life back. Thank you Cassie.
Amy V
There are not enough adequate words to describe how awesome these people are.Contact and communication is very smooth and always timely.Any questions I've had are almost immediately answered.Overall, I am very happy to have chosen this firm out of the other 100 that wasted paper mailing unsolicited offers to my home.
Rachel D.
An amazing lawyer. I’ve unfortunately had a prior conviction (DUI) in a different state and now I have gotten one in Illinois. I thought I was screwed (for a lack of better words). But Cary Dohman was by my side 100%. We showed up to every court appearance and we beat my case! I was not convicted of anything! Cary Dohman was all that I could ask for in a lawyer. He understood what was wanted and made it happen. I would recommend him as a lawyer to anyone. He will fight for you and make sure you understand what is going on. Thanks again!
Alvaro R.
By far the best attorney! Do yourself a favor and stop looking, just call them right now. My case was considered a long shot and still Cary and his team made the next to impossible possible for me. They are attentive, respectful and they get results!
Mikayla M.
The attorneys at law are so helpful and so polite they really help you no matter what even if you don’t necessarily pay. They do their job with dignity honor and they care about people. Many blessings to them the business and their families.
Nick C.
Great lawyer, very experienced. One of the best decisions I have ever made calling Mr.Dohman.
latonya H.
Cary is the best dui lawyer. This is my first dui he helped in ways that he didn't have to. He let me know up front how long the process would and how much it would cost. He takes payment plans and he is willing to work with you. This is a great law office and very responsive and will answer all of your questions.As of today Cary got my case done. He is so awesome to work with. I would recommend him to anyone that has or got a dui. He has great responses time he always kept me in the loop of the whole process that I would go threw. I give him a 10 out of 10 on his professionalism and great value for his time. He is the best and if I ever need a lawyer I will be always giving him a call. Best lawyer I have ever worked with.
Chris R.
Cary Dohman was a great help and very professional. I would recommend him to anyone. He shows he cares and helped me through the process.
Brittany F.
Hands down..Best lawyer I ever hired. Pitbull of a lawyer who got me a Deal of a lifetime..I honestly thought I was going to prison for my D.U.I and traffic charges....Mr.Dohman not only got me an amazing deal in Dupage, with no prison time...but he had my best interest at heart as a person. I can't thank you and your team enough, for everything Mr.Dohman...I really appreciate everything you did. Your the BEST!
cobrarus1 “.
Mr Dohman saved my cdl, very professional and aggressive lawyer. He always has time to call you back and listen everything that you say to the end. Highly recommend from own experience!
Barbara O.
Thank you Mr. Dohman for your patience with me and job well done. Definitely I would use your service in future.
kasey W.
Cary is the best! Would recommend to anyone and everyone. Is 100% honest from the first conversation you have and doesn't sugarcoat anything just to get your business. Best investment I have ever made. This is the man to hire so look no further and call now!
Ashley C.
Rasheed J.
Attorney Dohman basically worked a miracle for us. So glad we selected him to represent us!
kaluki M.
Choosing Cary as my lawyer was the best decision I made! He was very informative throughout the whole process. I felt very comfortable speaking with him about my concerns. He answered all my questions to the best of his ability. Most importantly, I felt supported by him! We all know lawyers aren't cheap. So, I'm glad I spent my money with someone who genuinely wanted the best outcome for me. He was also very kind & understanding. I have no complaints, I was represented very well, & I got the outcome I was hoping for! I definitely would recommend hiring Cary Dohman as your legal representation! 10/10 service!
Rich H.
Dohman Law offices saved the day! They were professional, detailed and always available to answer any questions that I had. They got me out of a suspension and helped me avoid conviction as well!!! ThanksDohman Law
Cary was very thorough with what to expect during the entire trial process and made sure to answer every question each step of the way. He took on my case and substituted a lawyer I had for 9 months and made sure to get right to work on the case.Additionally, Cary will take the time to answer any phone call and provide you with as much information as needed to help you feel more at ease. I would highly recommend Cary if you are dealing with any DUI or Traffic case as he one of the best to do it in the Chicagoland area.
Jules E.
My experience was great! Cary Dohman made it so I received the best possible outcome. He took control of a unfamiliar scary situation for me and really made this process as easy as it could get. Good communication. 1000% recommend!
Kim P.
Michelle R
Nathaniel Bernard, Attorney at Law, is fantastic to work with. He is professional and knowledgeable, and he works to get the best outcome for his clients. I would recommend Nathaniel Bernard and Dohman Law to my own friends and family, and I would certainly work with him again in the future should I have another traffic ticket or other need for legal expertise.
Brian M.
Briana B.
Mr. Dohman has a passion for the job, compassion for clients, great communication skills, knowledge of the law, good judgement and the willingness to listen. I wish there were a world full of attorneys just like him. Thank you for your representation Mr. Dohman!
Monica H.
I want to send a huge shout out to Nathaniel Bernard!! He was my lawyer who defended me against two tickets. Prior to hiring him he did a free consultation where he answered all of my questions. 1 for driving and using my mobile and the other for an expired drivers license. I had court today and he was able to dropped both tickets, like it never happened. I would hire again/recommend Nathaniel. He was professional, straight to the point, has connections and eager to help me out in my situation. Would recommend to anyone seeking a lawyer.
Peter R.
Made a horrible situation very easy to deal with. Very professional and explained everything I did not understand. If anyone is in need of help and looking for a professional, than you found it.
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