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A traffic violation might seem like a simple matter, and you might be tempted to pay the fine without another thought. However, before you do, discuss your legal options with an experienced traffic violations lawyer.

At the Dohman Law Group, in Wheaton, Illinois, our experienced attorneys can help you understand the possible legal consequences. Your driver's license, not to mention your auto insurance rates, could be significantly affected. Contact our Wheaton criminal defense law firm today at 847-359-4005 for a free consultation.

Aggressive Traffic Violation Defense

Our traffic ticket defense team has decades of experience defending thousands of clients in Cook County, DuPage County, Kane County, Kendall County, Lake County, and Illinois and so our legal team knows how to effectively challenge traffic tickets and criminal traffic offenses. If we can't get the traffic ticket dismissed, we'll seek to have your traffic charges reduced to limit the expensive fines and civil consequences. We can help you fight all types of traffic tickets and moving violations issued in DuPage County County, Kane, Cook County, or throughout Illinois:

Traffic violations can have severe consequences. Driving while your driver's license is suspended or revoked is also a major traffic offense that can cause longer license suspensions or revocation for several years or a lifetime, in addition to other criminal penalties. As a result of recent changes to the traffic laws in Illinois categorize driving on a suspended license is a class 4 felony offense.

These consequences are particularly severe for underage drivers. For people over 21, many traffic offenses can lead to court supervision, which keeps a criminal conviction off of your driver's record, and allows you to avoid further criminal penalties. For drivers under 21 though, the traffic law imposes stricter restrictions. To be eligible for court supervision rather than a criminal conviction, an underage driver must attend traffic school. Among other things, avoiding a criminal conviction can have adverse consequences for your insurance rates.

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Speeding Traffic Tickets in Wheaton, Illinois

If you're facing a speeding ticket, it is important to consult an attorney familiar with the Illinois Vehicle Code before paying any fine by mail or appearing in court alone. Illinois Traffic Laws have undergone major changes recently, and you may be unwittingly subjecting your license to suspension if you are unaware of the consequences. If you are issued a speeding ticket, it is critical to review your citation and seek advice:

Wheaton Traffic Lawyer

Supervision is not an allowable disposition on an Aggravated Speeding charge, and a conviction will be entered on your record. When defending a speeding ticket, we will examine the circumstances surrounding the case such as the method used by the officer to record your speed and/or if the speed limit was clearly marked (a common point of contention in construction zones). Under certain circumstances, a request can be made to amend the ticket to minimize the impact on your driving record. With certain exclusions, some referenced above, you may be eligible for a disposition of court supervision which will not result in points being assessed on your driving record.

Keep in mind that by simply paying a moving violation or speeding ticket by mail, you may be subjecting yourself to a conviction. Too many convictions can result in the suspension of your driving privileges. Therefore, it is all the more important to consult an experienced traffic defense attorney if you have been issued a traffic citation.

Contact our Dohman Law Group today at 847-359-4005 for a free initial consultation. Our legal team will review your ticket and your driving history to identify the best way to assist you. Our criminal defense law firm represents clients in criminal legal cases, traffic violations, juvenile defense cases, and expungements throughout Wheaton, Rolling Meadows, Waukegan, Elgin, Lombard, Aurora, and throughout Illinois.

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Contact Our Skilled Wheaton Traffic Lawyers Today for a Free Consultation

It's crucial to have an experienced traffic ticket attorney on your side to retain your driver's license and avoid hurting your criminal case. Contact our Chicago law offices to protect your interests and legal rights. Call 847-359-4005 for your free, no-obligation consultation today. We serve clients in Kane County, DuPage County, Lake County, Kendall County, Cook County, Will County, and throughout Illinois.

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