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Will I Get My License Revoked for an Illinois DUI?

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One of the punishments that you can get as a result of driving under the influence of alcohol is a driver’s license suspension and in extreme cases a revocation. Every state has the right to suspend your license as well as your vehicle registration number for a certain period of time and as well revoke all of your driving privileges. Depending on the factors that surround your DUI case and also depending on whether you have been previously convicted for a DUI in Illinois there is a graduated scale for how long you can be without a license in Illinois.

As a result of being convicted for your first DUI you can expect to lose your license for a period of one year. After getting many DUI convictions you can lose your driving permanently. It can be difficult for you to seek to get a short driving license suspension period. However, a lot of people in Illinois have access to RDLs or restricted driving permit so they can be able to drive to and from restricted places. Even if it is hard seeking the help of an experienced attorney in DUI can help you get a better outcome in your case.

With a lot of people getting convicted for DUI criminal charges in Illinois one of the top questions among DUI offenders in Illinois is will I get my license revoked for an Illinois DUI?

The Difference between a Suspension and Revocation

There is a difference between a license suspension and a revocation of your license. When your license has been suspended you will lose your driving privileges for a certain period of time. After the period of suspension ends you will have to pay a fee so your license can be automatically reinstated. 

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A license revocation is the loss of your driving privileges indefinitely. After the revocation period ends there will be not be an automatic reinstatement a person has to first attend a hearing. The person will be eligible for reinstatement and they will not be able to drive until they appear before the secretary of state and after they are granted their driving privileges. The period of revocation of a driving license will depend on the offense committed, the individuals driving record, and the factors surrounding the case.

FAQ: Do You Lose Your License Immediately After A DUI?

There are offenses that will result in your license being suspended while other offense will result in your license getting revoked.  Here are some the offenses that will lead to your license getting suspended;

  • When you have two convictions of illegally transporting open liquor within a period of 365 days.
  • While operating a motor vehicle you are in possession of controlled substances such as cannabis
  • Fleeing form a police officer
  • Being possession of another person’s driver’s license or an ID card.
  • When you leave the scene of an accident where the damage of property exceeds the sum of $1000
  • When you have three or more minor moving violations in period of 12 months as a driver that is 21 yrs old or older.
  • As a driver under the age of 21 years you have two or more minor moving violations within a period of 24 months.
  • When you violate driver’s license classification such as driving a motor cycles when you do not have the proper license classifications

Offenses That Will Result In Your License Getting Revoked

Below are some of the offenses that will result on your licenses getting revoked. However, this is not to say that these are the only reasons why your license can get revoked.

  • Having a felony that involves the use of a motorcycle.
  • Being part of street racing or drag racing.
  • Having a DUI conviction in your record.
  • When you leave the scene of an accident that results in personal injury or death.
  • When a person who is under the age of 21 has 2 convictions pertaining to transportation of open liquor.

If you are being accused of any of these offenses or are other offenses that can result in your license getting revoked the most important thing is to look for competent legal representation. Our experienced criminal attorneys will be ready to listen to your case and offer you a solution.

The Minimum Amount of Time That Your Driver’s License Can Be Revoked

The amount of time that your driver’s license can be revoked will depend on the conviction on your driving record in Illinois. Here are some examples of convictions showing the revocation period as a result;

  • As a result of one DUI conviction your license can be revoked for a 12-month period.
  • 2 DUI convictions will as a result impose a minimum of 5 year revocation period in the case where the offense happened within twenty years period. In the case where the offenses occur outside the twenty years period you will get a minimum of one year revocation period.
  • Having 4 or more DUI convictions in your record will result in your license being revoked permanently.
  • When you have 3 DUI convictions no matter when they occurred, you face a minimum of a ten year revocation period.

A person that has a lifetime revocation and is a resident of Illinois can be able to apply for driving privileges five years from when the last order of revocation was passed. Residents of Illinois that live outside the state may apply for the reinstatement of their driving licenses from 10 years of the date of the last order of revocation.

FAQ: How Long Does A DUI Stay On Your Record In Illinois?

You should note that a revocation will still be in effect even after you are eligible for the reinstatement of your license.  The revocation will only be lifted after a favorable decision is made by the secretary of state during an administrative license hearing.

Avoid Driving When Your License Has Been Revoked

Most people fail to take the offense of driving with a revoked license seriously compared to other traffic violations. Some may think that the damage has already been done after the loss of driving privileges. However, driving with a revoked license is a serious offense with serious consequences.  When your license has been revoked it means that your driving license has been terminated.

Will i get my license revoked for an Illinois DUI?

As a result of driving with a revoked license you can be charged with a class A misdemeanor that can be found in section 6-303 of the vehicle code in Illinois. As punishment you may be liable to pay a fine amounting to $2500 as well as mandatory court costs. Also you may have to spend 364 days in jail. In some situations the crime can be charged as a felony and the accused will face even more severe penalties.

The police officers have no compassion towards your need to drive they are always on the streets looking for someone to pull over.  After they pull you over it will only take them seconds to go through realize that driving license has been revoked after running your license plate. It may not be the reason that you have been pulled over but in case you are pulled over for a minor traffic offense they may end up going through your driving history.

Instead of driving on a revoked license let our lawyers represent you and help you through the license reinstatement process. Regardless of how you had been arrested there is hope for you. An Aggressive and experienced criminal defense attorney will offer advice and come up with defense strategies that will help your case have a positive outcome. Talk to a license reinstatement lawyer at Dohman Law Group and book your initial consultation.

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