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Will I Have to Wear a SCRAM Bracelet After an Illinois DUI

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An alcohol monitoring device or a SCRAM bracelet is simply known as an ankle bracelet that DUI offenders wear seven days a week, twenty-four hours a day, and it is used on the wearer to test their sweat and check their blood alcohol concentration level.

The alcohol monitoring ankle bracelet is used long-term to monitor DUI offenders. It is most of the time used to monitor repeat DUI offenders. They include third-time and second-time offenders that the court has ordered to avoid alcohol intake as part of the sentence they are serving.

Even as the SCRAM bracelet being worn by the DUI offenders helps ensure that the offenders do not drink alcohol they as well have to adhere to court-ordered sobriety requirements. They as well have to meet alcohol treatment requirements such as attending DUI school.

Alcohol monitoring systems, Inc is the company that makes the SCRAM bracelets. They have a database that analyzes alcohol alerts.

However, you should note that before an alcohol alert has been confirmed it is important for trained data analysts to thoroughly investigate the data involved.

Only after an alcohol alert has been confirmed will the DUI offender’s supervising agent be notified with immediate effect.

When SCRAM Bracelets are Required

Typically SCRAM bracelets are issued to DUI offenders who have repeatedly committed the offense. They are as well used on individuals who habitually take in alcohol. SCRAM bracelets can be compared to ankle monitors that are used on offenders that have been placed under house arrest.

A judge gets to decide the legal consequences that are fit for an offender that has been convicted for driving under the influence or those that have been accused of any other drug-related offense. In some instances, a judge can decide that the best solution or sentence if for the offender to be prohibited from drinking or consuming alcohol within a certain time frame.

The offender can be prohibited from consuming alcohol for either month or weeks. SCRAM bracelets are a great tool that the authorities use to help them monitor the alcohol usage of the offender during the period it has been prohibited.

Most of the time you will find that SCRAM bracelets are used together with a rehabilitative program that is meant to help the offender to break drinking patterns that have become habitual. This helps in that if the individual is a habitual drinker the SCRUM bracelet will detect the perspiration alcohol and an alert will be issued. Trying to remove the bracelet will as well result in the authorities being alerted.

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If a SCRAM Bracelet Requirements are Violated What Happens?

When a court orders you to wear a SCRAM device you will be able to feel it on your ankle and as well in your wallet. As a defendant, you will be required by the court to pay for the installation and the monitoring of the SCRAM bracelet device.

The cost of monitoring SCRAM devices is not cheap and it can vary. First of all, you will have to typically pay for a one-time installation fee that ranges in between $50 and $100. You still have not paid for the daily monitoring fee that ranges from $10 up to $15. It is possible for you to incur a monthly cost of $300 or even higher for a SCRAM device.

Will I Have to Wear a SCRAM Bracelet After an Illinois DUI

It is important to fully comply with all of the instructions and requirements that come with wearing this electronic monitoring device when the judge orders you to use the device. Not complying with requirements that come with wearing the SCRAM bracelet will result in certain consequences. Below are the consequences that you are likely to suffer as a result;

  • Losing your driving privileges.
  • Original penalties such as fines and jail time are imposed.
  • Losing civil privileges via parole, alternative sentencing, or probation.
  • Facing rehabilitative measures such as community service programs as well as mandatory counseling.

Can You Cheat a SCRAM device?

There are individuals that try to fool the manufacturing companies that make SCRAM devices. According to these companies, it is hard to fool a SCRAM device. SCRAM devices immediately notify the service providers if there is an attempt to either tamper with the device or deceive it. The most common ways that individuals cheat the SCRAM bracelet are as follows;

  • Removing the device.
  • Expose the sensor directly to alcohol. This is done by pouring an alcoholic drink on the bracelet in an attempt to hide the individual's alcohol consumption.
  • Blocking the skin sensor.

It is highly likely that if you attempt to do any of the things above the SCRAM device will send a tamper event text to the service that is monitoring your device. The court has a high chance of considering any tamper alert as a violation.

Is It Possible to Challenge a SCRAM Bracelet Reading?

There are always claims that contest the accuracy of the reading of a SCRAM bracelet. This is in an instance where the SCRAM bracelet has submitted readings that are inaccurate or otherwise known as a false positive. When the bracelet indicates that there has been a violation even if the person did not consume alcohol it is known as a false positive alert.

Ankle monitor readings can be contested. When the readings are contested the defendant can request for there to be a hearing in court so it can be determined if a violation occurred or not. They can look for documents and the witness testimony available to show that the person did not take alcohol and present it all in court.

If you are being required to wear a SCRAM bracelet, you may wish to contact DUI lawyers for advice. Your attorney will be able to provide counseling during the time that you must wear the ankle device. Also, if you believe that a SCRAM bracelet reading was inaccurate or false an experienced lawyer can help you contest the violation.

If the court requires you to wear a SCRAM bracelet it would help your case if you were able to contact a DUI attorney for advice. A criminal defense lawyer can offer you counseling during the time that you are required to wear the ankle device and as well represent you for any alcohol and drug-related criminal offense. In the case where you believe your monitoring bracelet reading was either false or inaccurate, you can contact a criminal defense attorney from Dohman law group and let our law firm you help beat your criminal conviction.

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