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Do You Have to Go to Rehab After a DUI?

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If you have been charged with a DUI, it's likely that you're feeling overwhelmed with the possible legal consequences that may be coming your way. Depending on the circumstances, it is possible that a judge might order you to attend rehab after a DUI as part of your sentence or as an alternative to jail. Going to rehab for alcohol addiction can be a very positive experience for people who have been convicted of drunk driving. 

It is important to act quickly after being arrested on a DUI charge. By hiring a well-qualified DUI attorney within a few days of your arrest, you stand a much better chance of avoiding unnecessary and possibly permanent consequences for your actions. For legal assistance with a DUI case, contact Dohman Law Group to schedule a complimentary consultation.

Will the Court Make You Go to Rehab After a DUI?

All DUI cases are different, but it is possible that the court may require that you attend time in rehab after receiving your DUI if they think you have an underlying dependency on illegal drugs or alcohol. Drug or alcohol rehabilitation programs may be offered to individuals after a DUI as an alternative to incarceration or probation, with the goal of improving their health and behavior, as well as enhancing public safety.

Court-ordered treatment for DUIs is a form of alternative sentencing designed to help transition offenders away from repeat DUI offenses. Instead of going through the traditional criminal justice system, individuals may be given the opportunity to pursue a more rehabilitative approach in lieu of fines or time in jail. The primary goal of court-ordered treatments is to reduce recidivism and encourage healthy living. Depending on the severity of the offense, mandated treatments can range from a one or two-session program up to longer-term interventions lasting weeks or months.

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In order to be eligible for DUI-mandated treatment programs, you must meet certain criteria such as demonstrating a need for treatment following a review by an offender assessment specialist or addiction specialist. These court-ordered programs are aimed at addressing both physical and psychological issues that are associated with alcohol abuse and should include resources like family counseling and drug dependency rehabilitation services as well as DUI courses to help teach and heal a person from abusing substances.

How Rehab Can Help a DUI Charge

The penalties for a DUI can be very severe, including hefty fines, jail time, loss of your driving privileges, and increased insurance rates. Rehab can help a DUI charge because, once completed, the offender's progress will be reviewed by their probation officer and if successful, they can receive reduced sentence time or even have their charge dismissed completely.

This can result in future savings with not having to pay additional fees as well as an improved reputation when reapplying for jobs. Participating in rehab shows the court that you are committed to getting treatment for alcoholism in order to improve your well-being and the well-being of others.

Types of DUI Rehabilitation Programs

Court-ordered rehab is a type of treatment program that participants are often required to attend as part of a criminal sentence or other legal arrangement. It can include various types of intervention treatments from educational programs and group counseling, to substance abuse treatment and accelerated pretrial rehab. 

Accelerated pretrial rehab programs are typically used for people accused of minor drug crimes. These treatment options usually involve working with professionals on an individual basis and attending interactive classes as an alternative to possible jail time.

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Educational programs focus on education, life skills development, leisure activities, workshops, and more to help offenders learn the necessary tools to make healthy decisions in the future. Group counseling programs involve therapy designed specifically for those in court-ordered rehab programs such as anger management, drug addiction support groups, relapse prevention techniques, and career sessions.

The court may order to you enroll in an inpatient rehabilitation program or require you to attend a specific day alcohol rehab center. Whichever rehab facility the judge mandates, the rehab programs will help you learn strategies to help build up coping methods so that you can become active members of society once again without falling back into criminal behavior. Furthermore, choosing a rehab option is always a better choice than spending a period of time behind bars.

Can I Go to DUI Rehab Instead of Jail?

The option to attend DUI rehab instead of jail may be available for people charged with a first offense, or those with prior alcohol charges. In some cases, defendants who demonstrate genuine remorse for their actions and show genuine motivation to get treatment for an alcohol use disorder may receive a court-mandated treatment program instead of spending time in jail.

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Many variables must be considered in evaluating eligibility for diversion into rehab rather than receiving a jail sentence. These include the defendant's criminal history, the specific criminal charges against them, and their age. For example, those under 25 years old, who have never been in alcohol or drug addiction treatment before are more likely to be approved to enter treatment for drug and alcohol abuse. 

Can an Attorney Help You Get Rehab or Alcohol Treatment Classes to Reduce Other Penalties?

An attorney can certainly help you get a court-ordered drug or alcohol rehab program after a DUI arrest as an alternative to jail time. These alcohol and drug court programs are designed to help you learn to make better decisions and to identify triggers that may lead to subsequent offenses. An attorney can negotiate with the court for lesser penalties, such as reduced fines, probation instead of jail time, or even alternative sentencing like community service or driver’s education courses.

Because there are severe consequences upon receiving a DUI, obtaining legal representation soon after a DUI arrest is crucial. Contact Dohman Law Group for a complimentary case evaluation provided by our skilled defense attorneys. Our team will diligently construct a robust defense case for your DUI charge, advocate for your rights, and ensure your comprehension of your rights throughout the legal process.

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