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Can You go to Jail for Your First DUI?

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When you are charged with a DUI offense for the first time in Chicago, Illinois, you will be wondering "can you go to jail for your first DUI?" You are right to be worried. Driving under the influence is a grave offense in Illinois. It is not only because of the harm you can cause to yourself but also to other people and their property. Aside from damaged property, the severe aftermath of a DUI accident can be death.

Even as a First-Time DUI offender, you face getting a maximum penalty depending on the accident's impact. However, as a first-time DUI offender, you can get minimum penalties.

If you want an experienced defense attorney who will help you get a fair outcome as a first-time offender, call the Dohman Law Group. That is what we do!

Can You go to Jail For Your First DUI in Illinois?

In the state of Illinois, one is considered as driving under the influence if they are in actual physical control of a vehicle, and they can be convicted for it if;

  • Their blood alcohol concentration or blood alcohol level is .08%.
  • They are driving under the influence.
  • They are under the influence of drugs, alcohol, or any other intoxication compound. They have ingested intoxicating compounds, drugs, or an alcohol combination to the point that they cannot drive safely.
  • In two hours of driving and or if they are in actual control of a vehicle, they have a concentration of 5 Nanograms of THC (Tetrahydrocannibal) or higher in their blood system. Also, if they have 10 nanograms or more in any other bodily substance within their driving time.
If you are worried about jail time for a first DUI contact the attorneys at Dohman Law

It is possible to avoid going to jail as a first-time DUI offender. However, if you get drunk driving convictions, it is a possibility. Driving under influence of alcohol is considered a Class A misdemeanor and can earn you a minimum jail sentence. The penalty for the offense is a minimum sentence of one year jail time(365 days in jail) or a fine of $2500 or both. Also, a mandatory court assessment is enforced.

The sentence can as well incorporate probation or court supervision.     

What Happens After The First DUI?

If a traffic police officer suspects that you are driving while intoxicated with alcohol or any other intoxicating substance, they can ask you to pull over. You may have to take a blood alcohol content test or field sobriety test. If the results show that you are under the influence or if you refuse to take the test, you will get an arrest and here some of the things that can happen;

  • You will get court supervision. As a first-time offender, you can be sentenced to court supervision. Court supervision will help you to avoid being convicted. You will also prevent other severe DUI penalties, and charges will be dismissed if you comply with all court supervision rules.
  • You can end paying fines and court costs. Driving under influence is considered a Class A misdemeanor offense, and you will have a fine of up to $2500. Additionally, you will be responsible for paying for court costs associated with your trial.
  • You can face jail time. You can get prison time of close to a year in county jail. Good behavior can help reduce your months in jail.
  • Higher penalties. Charges will be higher if you have an alcohol content of 0.16 in your blood, if you had a passenger under the age of 16 in the vehicle, or if you injured another person and caused death or injury, among other situations. Even if you are a first-time offender, your felony charges will increase.
  • Your license can be suspended. Your license will be suspended after you are convicted of a DUI. You can apply for your license to be reinstated after the end of the license suspension period.
  • You may be required to participate in a court-ordered program. If you are a first-time offender, you may be required to participate in a court-ordered program to get DUI education or drug or alcohol treatment.

You need experienced criminal defense lawyers to help you when you are accused of DUI. If you want to avoid getting charges that will go into your permanent record for life as a first-time offender, call a lawyer who will help explain your options to you. Call the Dohman Law Group and talk to a lawyer that will assess your case and give you the best DUI legal representation in Chicago.

Will An Employer Find Out About Your DUI?

When you sign a non-disclosure agreement, you must reveal any past criminal offense you have committed. Not disclosing that will result in you losing a job.

During the application stage of a job, the company will carry out a background check on you. They will likely find a criminal charge on you if you have been convicted of a DUI.

Your social media page can as well reveal much about you. If you have shared information about your DUI or your friends could have tagged you with information about your past DUI, it will be easy to find it.

To avoid it coming as a shock to the employer, you should mention it and leave the decision up to them. Also, you can apply to jobs that do not require you to have a driver's license this way, you will be able to avoid being investigated.

Is it Hard to Get Your First DUI Dismissed?

The Dohman Law Group wants to defend you and get you justice. We simply do not want you to settle. We want you to come out of this as a winner. There are other enticing options that you can go for after an arrest has been made. one of them is court supervision.

Well, the problem with court supervision is that you will still have to deal with a suspended driving license. If charges are not dismissed, you may have to deal with a permanent record. Even if these options are easier as a first-time offender, our DUI defense lawyers at the Dohman Law Group believe that winning the case and maintaining a clean record is what is best for you!

Can You go to Jail for Your First DUI?

When you get a DUI charge for the first time, the prosecutor's side will give various options that may seem easier to take. However, the opportunities presented to you do not factor in the long-term effect of a DUI and how it will affect your record. When going into a DUI case, your lawyer should be trying to help you get a deal that will not end up staining your permanent record or one that you will not have to deal with the loss of a license.

We have done this before. We come up with every possible strategy to help you maintain your clean record. We know that anybody can err. The Dohman Law Group believes that you deserve a second chance.

If your driver's license has been suspended, we want to help you work towards getting it back as soon as possible. Talk to an experienced defense lawyer who can implement various strategies that will help you get the best outcome during court proceedings.

Other Consequences for Driving Under Influence

Most people are only concerned about the short-term effects of a DUI, which are still severe. Still, most people are not aware of the permanent damage DUI criminal records can have over their lives. It can leave a permanent mark on the lives of those with a DUI record. Here are other consequences that may have to deal with as a result of a DUI.

  • Employment will be affected. If you are employed, the period of time that you will spend doing community service, going to court, and even jail sentences will put a strain on your employment life, and you may end up losing the job. If you are unemployed and are looking, you will have a hard time landing a job since most employers are not okay with the idea of hiring a person with a criminal charge, in your case, a DUI charge.
  • A change in your Auto Insurance Rates. Drivers who have been convicted of a DUI are viewed by their insurance company as high-risk drivers. They may end up increasing the insurance rate for their insurance policies by double or triple the rate for some years. Some insurance companies may even end up terminating your coverage.
  • Your professional relationship can be affected. A drunk driving arrest or conviction can change how your colleagues and employer view you. It can lead to you losing your job. You may not tell them about it, but supposing the incident ends up on the news, they will find out anyway.
  • It will affect your personal relationships. As a result of your family being concerned about your drinking or DUI charge, it can work you up. You may end up being angry at them sine you feel you have everything under control.
  • A DUI conviction can cause your scholarship request to either be revoked or denied.

Seek The Help Of Skilled Criminal Defense Attorneys

The best way of dealing with a DUI and avoiding reckless driving as a result of being a drunk driver is taking preventative measures. Simply don't get intoxicated and drive. However, if you are in a situation where you have been charged with drinking and driving, call us! We will access your case, give you options, and prepare a strong defense. Let us help you, schedule a consultation with us!

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