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How to Get a Suspended CDL Back

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People who carry a Commercial Driver's License are often held to a higher safety standard than those with a Non-Commercial Driver's License. A commercial motor vehicle is much larger than a non-commercial one and is capable of causing significantly more damage in the event that there is a collision.

Individuals who have a suspension, cancellation, revocation, or disqualification on their non-commercial driver's license in Illinois (or any other state) are not able to apply for a CDL. Call Dohman Law today to speak with an experienced driver's license reinstatement lawyer for a free consultation!

About Your Suspended CDL in IL

Some of the offenses are illegal across the board, but there are several instances in which CDL license holders may face more intense charges for traffic offenses. Most, if not all, of these offenses or violations, will result in the revocation of commercial driving privileges and a permanent mark on the driver's driving record.

  • Major Offenses - There are offenses that are more serious than others, and hold more serious and harsh penalties for the driver. Not all offenses hold immediate suspension, and first-time offenders typically receive a year-long disqualification. Some of these offenses include operating a commercial vehicle under the influence of alcohol, driving with a blood alcohol content of .04 or higher, refusing to take a blood alcohol concentration test, fleeing the scene of the incident, causing death or serious injury due to negligent operation of a CMV, operating a personal vehicle while intoxicated, and driving a commercial vehicle without a commercial license.
  • Serious Traffic Violations - Serious traffic violations carry a sixty-day commercial license disqualification period. These violations include excessive speeding, reckless driving, improper or erratic lane change, tailgating, driving a commercial vehicle without a CDL or without it in possession, driving a commercial vehicle without proper classes or endorsements, and using an electronic device while driving.
  • Railroad-Highway Grade Crossing Violation -  Any offense that involves improper actions during the process of crossing a railroad will result in a disqualification period of no less than sixty days on the first offense. These offenses include failing to slow down to check the tracks before crossing, failing to stop before reaching the crossing, failing to leave a sufficient amount of space available to avoid stopping on active tracks and failing to obey a traffic control device.
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CDL Suspension Hearings and Appeals

The Illinois Secretary of State (commonly referred to as the SOS) follows closely the federal guidelines in order to govern commercial drivers, and these guidelines extend to the operation of both personal vehicles and commercial. Drivers who feel that their suspension is unwarranted have the opportunity to appeal the decision as soon as the suspension takes place. Hearings for appeals are held by the Secretary of State and require the submittal of proper hearing request paperwork and paying a $50 non-refundable application fee. These hearings can be either formal hearings for more severe violations or informal hearings for less serious violations.

Informal hearings in Illinois are hearings that are overseen by the SOS's office and do not involve fatalities or multiple DUI convictions. Informal hearings are run on a walk-in basis, may result in restricted license privileges for normal drivers, and can offer a hearing for reinstatement for a commercial operator. 

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Formal hearings in Illinois, however, are very different. Drivers must apply for these hearings, and these hearings are overseen by a Hearing Officer. This individual acts as the judge and has the power granted by the Illinois Secretary of State to make judgments regarding the driver's reinstatement. After the request has been made and the $50 fee has been paid, the driver will receive a Notice of Hearing, which contains information about the time, date, and location of the hearing.

Reinstate Your Illinois CDL

Depending on the offense that leads to the revocation of a CDL, individuals facing suspension must wait until they are eligible to requalify. In Illinois, this range can be anywhere from 60 days to a lifetime disqualification. If the driver has been given a lifetime disqualification, they may be able to regain their CDL qualifications after ten years and the completion of a state-approved rehabilitation program as a reinstatement requirement. Other reinstatement requirements may include alcohol counseling, traffic school, paying any reinstatement fees or CDL permit fees, and all related fines.

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