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How to Get a Speeding Ticket Reduced

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Many people are often under the impression that crossing the speed limit is not that big of an offense but the consequences of speeding can be very problematic. If there is a possibility to reduce your speeding ticket, you should jump at every opportunity to do that.

There are several ways you can get your speeding ticket reduced, all you need to do is follow the right protocol and you will be good to go. Make sure you do not make any rash decisions when a police officer pulls you over. An experienced traffic ticket attorney will help you and give you the best legal counsel. To discuss your ticket further you can contact Dohman Law to schedule a free consultation.

How To Fight A Speeding Ticket? 

There are multiple ways to help you fight off a speeding ticket. Whatever you do, don't pay the ticket before the court date. As you will get rid of the speeding ticket for the time being but it will tarnish your driving record and that can have many consequences such as an increase in insurance rates. 

You might even have to give up your driving privileges or not get appointed for a job where you have to drive. 

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The other way around is to get a reduction on your speeding ticket. For that, you need to first negotiate a plea deal. You can work it out with a prosecutor as they will make a decision depending on the situation. If you plead to a non-moving violation then you will get a reduced sentence and a low fine. 

For your guilty plea to be approved, the judge has to sign it. There are other ways, we'll discuss them further in the article. 

What Are the Benefits of a Traffic Ticket Reduction?

If you pursue a traffic ticket reduction then you may be able to avoid many consequences that usually come with it. This may mean that your driving record will have fewer points. In many states, if you have equal to or more than 11 points on your driving record within the span of 18 months you may receive a license suspension. 

If you are successfully able to reduce your ticket, you won't suffer the cost of improper driving history. 

Many insurance companies can policies that state the increase of insurance premiums if you have been convicted of traffic violations. Therefore, if you want to save on auto insurance costs then you must try your best to get a traffic ticket reduction. 

How To Get A Speeding Ticket Reduced In Court

If you go to court there are different things you can do to get your ticket reduced:


Deferral of your traffic ticket is only possible if the court has been able to prove that you were guilty or you have pleaded to be guilty. 

This will cause your ticket to be deferred. This is when you need to be very careful, and avoid getting into other citations during this time. If you don't you may be able to get a dismissal and the ticket will not affect your driving record. The deferral time period is usually 1 year. 

FAQ: How Long Do Traffic Violations Stay On Your Record?

However, if you get another speeding ticket during this time then that will affect your DMV record and you will have to face highr insurance rates. You will not be able to fight the first ticket let alone the second one. 


If you have not had a speeding ticket in a very long time then you will be able to opt for mitigation. This will not keep the speeding ticket off of your records but it will help lower the fine. 

You can also ask the judge to show some leniency and you can explain what happened before you get the speeding ticket. They may come up with ways that also help you keep the ticket off of your record. 

However, there is no guarantee of what the judge will decide so you should be prepared for any circumstance. 

Clerk of the Court

The clerk of the court can play a very pivotal role when it comes to the reduction of your ticket. They can offer you multiple solutions such as deferrals, driving courses, or more. It all depends on how well you are able to convince them. 

You can find the number of the court on the citation. Call the court and ask to speak to the clerk. This way you can get through to them or even find them online. 

Contest the Ticket

Fighting your speed ticket is considered to be the best way forward. There are many possibilities but it is worth the fight.

Contesting means to plead that you are not guilty and are prepared to go to court in order to argue about it. It is best if you contest major moving violations. When contesting, the first thing you should do is read the citation.

a police officer checking a womans id after pulling her over

There is a possibility for there to be a mistake on the citation and you can take advantage of the mistake to go for a dismissal. However, if there are no errors then you will have to come up with a very solid argument that can help you win. 

How To Prepare For Your Hearing

If you have decided to contest the ticket, then you must be fully prepared for a court hearing. Here are some tips you can use: 

Go Prepared 

Come up with a very valid argument. The court will not be too kind to you if you go unprepared. Keep all your points straight so you can make a convincing argument. 

Dress Accordingly 

Dress responsibly. The court should know that you take all matters seriously and that is why you need to appear in professional clothing. 

Adhere To Court Rules 

Go to the traffic court before your hearing so you have a clear idea of what the court rules are and how you must adhere to them. 

Stay Polite and Humble 

Do not shout or be rude. That will cost you the case, be humble and polite so you can win the court over. 

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