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If you have been charged with driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs in Elgin, Illinois, you may feel you’re fighting a losing battle. Perhaps you have heard from friends and family members say that you can’t beat a DUI charge after failing the breathalyzer test. Maybe the prosecuting DUI lawyer offered you a plea deal and told you it was the best you could ever get. 

Perhaps you’re confused about the system and unsure how to defend yourself. You don’t have to do it alone. At Dohman Law Group, our Elgin DUI Lawyers have decades of experience serving Kane County clients and we can help you too. We know how essential driving privileges are to our clients, and we will provide aggressive defense to help you beat your DUI charges. Contact us today at (847) 616-9993, or chat with us online to schedule a free initial consultation.

What If I Can't Afford an Attorney for DUI?

DUI criminal defense lawyers can be expensive, and if you’re on a tight spot financially, hiring an attorney may not be an option for you. If you’re facing a DUI conviction, it’s essential to seek legal representation. However, you can’t afford to hire an attorney, don’t worry; you have other options. 

In many DUI criminal cases, the defendants are legally indigent and can’t afford to hire private DUI attorneys. Fortunately, the law doesn’t allow criminal courts to prosecute indigent individuals unless there’s a lawyer provided to them. Thus, states are required to appoint public defenders to those who can’t afford an attorney. 

Public defenders are competent and licensed attorneys who only represent defendants who are needy and lack the income capacity to hire their own attorney.

If you can’t afford an attorney, you can also represent yourself, but this isn’t recommended. That’s because it requires a lot of research on your part. You’ll need to gather documents that may support your innocence, including medical records, similar court cases and their ruling, cash bail receipts, and more. Many people wonder what they’ll do if they can’t afford an attorney, but with enough research, you can build a solid case and hopefully get your DUI charges dismissed.

It might be difficult, but it’s always a brilliant idea to find experienced legal representation if you’re charged with a DUI offense. Insufficient funds shouldn’t prevent you from defending yourself-- talk to an experienced DUI criminal defense attorney at Dohman Law Group to see how we can help.

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Is It Worth Hiring an Elgin DUI Lawyer?

If you have been arrested for drunk driving and are facing criminal charges, you wonder if you need a drunk driving attorney by your side. Yes, it’s worth hiring an attorney for a DUI charge because you’re more likely to get a better outcome when represented by a DUI criminal defense attorney.

DUI lawyers know what works. You can learn how to do many things, but navigating your way through a DUI charge isn’t one of them. When you’re facing a DUI conviction, you don’t have time to figure how to defend yourself because knowing the law isn’t enough.

There’s more to DUI cases than meets the eye. For instance, a DUI lawyer has the experience of noticing patterns in the way courts grant and dismiss certain motions in DUI cases. A DUI criminal defense attorney who represents thousands of DUI clients will know how judges make their decisions, which is more beneficial than representing yourself.

Also, an experienced attorney will know the types of evidence that are taken more seriously, and what evidence can and can’t be presented in court. Often evidence that seems credible or admissible isn’t. An experienced DUI lawyer won’t make the mistake of presenting inadmissible evidence in court.

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It’s easy to learn and memorize laws governing blood, urine, and breath tests. For instance, results from portable breathalyzer tests used by police officers on the side of the road are typically inadmissible as evidence. Research shows that these tests are used to determine the probable cause of your arrest. Often, the only breath test admissible and evidence during trial is the one done at the police station. However, knowing this isn’t enough if you wish to represent yourself.

DUI criminal defense lawyers are trained on the science behind chemical tests, and they understand how these tests work. They know what to look for and the questions to ask to make sure the test was administered properly. Also, they can detect questionable results easily and know how to pursue claims where a chemical test was inaccurate. 

Most people successfully have their drunk driving charges reduced to a lesser offense, such as reckless driving. Without powerful legal representation, it’s impossible to get DUI charges reduced. If your DUL lawyer gets your charge reduced or dismissed, you’ll save thousands of dollars in fines, attorney fees, and classes. For rigorous defense, during this difficult time contact the powerful defense team at Dohman Law Group today to schedule a confidential consultation. Call us now at (847) 616-9993, or chat with us online to learn how we can help.

How Likely is Jail Time for First DUI?

You can avoid jail time as a first-time DUI criminal offender; however, there are many factors that determine if any period of incarceration will be imposed. In Illinois, a DUI is considered a Class A misdemeanor, which carries a maximum penalty of up to one year in jail or prison, or a $2,500 fine, and mandatory court assessments. Also, the sentence might range from court supervision to probation. Jail time can only be imposed if you’re found guilty of the DUI offense.

As a first-time DUI offender, if you’re found guilty after trial or if you plead guilty to a DUI charge. You might be sentenced to court supervision. Under Illinois law, court supervision isn’t a conviction, which means a jail sentence isn’t permitted. Further, if you adhere to all the conditions of court supervision, the DUI won’t go on your public record. However, only one court supervision for a DUI is possible in your lifetime. 

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The prosecutor may impose jail time in DUI cases involving aggravated circumstances, such as where an accident happened, a minor child was in the car, a weapon or illegal drugs were in the vehicle or the offender was charged with resisting arrest or assault or battery of a police officer.

Also, there are cases where a first-time DUI offender may be charged with a felony DUI known as Aggravated DUI. This occurs where a death or serious personal injury occurs because of driving under the influence of drugs or alcohol. Also, an aggravated DUI may be charged where you’re caught driving without a valid license or insurance. Although the odds of jail time are higher in such cases, the judge may also impose a probation sentence.

The DUI defense lawyers at the Dohman Law Group have successfully defended hundreds of DUI criminal charges throughout Illinois, including Elgin, Rolling Meadows, Lombard, and Aurora. If you have been charged with driving under the influence of alcohol, contact our experienced and knowledgeable DUI lawyers. Let’s provide you with the criminal defense representation you deserve. To schedule a no-cost consultation, call our criminal defense law firm today at (847) 616-9993, or chat with us online to learn how we can help.

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