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What Happens if you get a DUI in Another State?

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If you are arrested and wondering what happens if you get a DUI in another state, our team of DUI attorneys can help. Depending on the state, a DUI conviction can result in expensive fines, mandatory jail time, ignition interlock device requirements, and even a suspended or revoked driver’s license. The DMV in the arresting state will likely suspend your driving privileges in that state even if you do not get convicted of DUI. Furthermore, criminal charges may also be filed against you for either DUI or DWI.

Due to the laws and regulations that vary from state to state, it is important to contact a lawyer who understands DUIs from the arresting state as soon as possible after getting arrested. An experienced attorney will be able to advise you on what steps need to be taken and how best to defend your case.

They will also help represent your interests at all appearances for DMV license suspension hearing proceedings as necessary. Working with an experienced lawyer can often lead to reduced or dismissed drunk driving charges so it is wise to secure one’s services as soon as possible upon being charged with a DUI out of state. Call an experienced DUI lawyer today for a free consultation!

Will your driving privileges get suspended if you get a DUI in another state?

When it comes to DUI offenses, whether in your home state or elsewhere, chances are that your driving privileges could be suspended. Depending on the state you are arrested in and the specific circumstances of the offense, a suspension could be triggered by the state's Department of Motor Vehicle (DMV). This means that, even if you leave the arresting state after being charged with a DUI, when you attempt to apply for a license or renew an existing one in another state, your driving record that shows a DUI charge will likely be taken into consideration.

Most states allow drivers to challenge driving suspensions at a DMV suspension hearing. It is important to note however that these changes must usually take place shortly after being arrested and/or charged as some states have set time limits beyond which one can no longer challenge their driver license suspensions through this process. If you do not request such a hearing or fail to make an appeal within the respective time period, then any possible suspension is likely to become permanent and will prevent you from operating motor vehicles legally and safely until your license and driving privileges have been fully resolved.

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Penalties for a DUI in Illinois

If you receive a DUI in Illinois, the penalties can be serious and long-lasting. Consequences of conviction will vary depending on the severity of the criminal offense and your criminal record, but all convictions carry the potential for a jail sentence, substantial fines, suspension of driving privileges, probation, community service, and even vehicle forfeiture.

A first DUI offense in Illinois is classified as a Class A misdemeanor and can result in up to one year of court-ordered jail time and a maximum fine of $2,500. The consequences of a misdemeanor DUI conviction may include Court Supervision, Conditional Discharge, and Probation.

There are various circumstances where a DUI can be classified as a felony. A felony is defined as a crime that results in a penalty of more than 364 days in jail and is served in the Illinois Department of Corrections.

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Will a person's home state find out about an out-of-state DUI?

An out-of-state DUI can have serious consequences on a person, and if you get an out-of-state DUI, your home state will find out about it. Illinois is a member of the Interstate Driving License Compact (IDLC), which means that if you are arrested and convicted of a DUI in another state, the arresting state’s DMV will inform the DMV of your home state. This means that even an out-of-state DUI will have repercussions in your home state as well.

Additionally, if there is a DUI conviction, the home state has the ability to impose its own separate DMV penalties in addition to any other associated criminal penalties from the arresting state. This agreement between states ensures that all drivers face punishment if guilty of driving while under the influence and promotes public safety across states. 

How can you fight a DUI charge that was issued in another state?

If a DUI charge is faced in another state, it is recommended to promptly seek legal representation who can guide you through the complex legal process. A competent lawyer can guarantee your rights are upheld throughout and assist you in constructing a robust legal defense against any DUI accusation.

Additionally, your lawyer will be familiar with local laws regarding DUIs in the state you were arrested and in your home state. They will be able to formulate an argument based on those specific statutes. When dealing with DUI and DWI cases across state lines, the attorney's level of experience can significantly impact the outcome, so it's important to hire a qualified lawyer that has previous experience. 

How we can help out-of-state drivers facing a DUI in Illinois

Call us At Dohman Law Group, our lawyers recognize the difficulty of handling a DUI charge and acknowledge that you may be experiencing anxiety and fear regarding the charges. Our experienced criminal defense attorneys can be a valuable asset to have in your corner when facing a DUI charge in another state.

We will begin building your case with a thorough review of evidence and procedures used by law enforcement officers throughout your case. We may conduct interviews with witnesses or experts if necessary to build out potential arguments for your defense. Moreover, depending on the severity of the charge and the details surrounding it, we may suggest plea negotiations with the prosecution so as to minimize sentence length or terms attached to it.

With an experienced criminal defense lawyer looking over every detail of your DUI charge, you are sure to stand the best possible chance of winning this case. We will accompany you through this difficult process and fight for your rights in interstate agreements. Call Dohman Law Group at (847) 359-4005 in Chicago today for a free consultation!

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