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A traffic violation seems like a minor offense, and you might be tempted to pay off the traffic citation without another thought. However, paying the fine, discuss your legal options with an experienced Lombard traffic lawyer.

At the Dohman Law Group, we can help you understand the possible legal consequences. Your driver's license and your insurance rates could be severely affected. To schedule a free initial consultation, call our traffic defense law firm today at (847) 616-9993, or chat with us online to learn how we can help.

Aggressive Traffic Violation Representation

After you get a traffic ticket, it’s essential to consult with an experienced attorney instead of just paying the traffic citation. Paying the ticket is like pleading guilty to the traffic violation and can lead to increased insurance rates and a mark on your driving record, among other legal consequences. Depending on the type of traffic violation, often it's possible to avoid or significantly reduce the consequences of a traffic conviction with proper legal representation. Often, it’s possible not to be found “guilty” at trial or you can have the traffic violation against you dismissed by a judge. Our experienced Lombard traffic attorneys handle all types of traffic violations, including:

Often, drivers don’t know that 3 convictions for moving violations within a 12-month period can cause a driver’s license suspension for at least three months. Because of the Graduated License Program in Illinois, it’s common for underage drivers to lose their driving privileges following moving violations. If you are under the age of 21, you only need to get 2 convictions for moving violations within a 24-month period for your driver’s license to be suspended.

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Also, some traffic infractions can enhance the level of criminal charges. For instance, speeding 26 mph or over the speed limit is a Class B misdemeanor in Illinois. Other traffic violations such as drunk driving, driving on a revoked or suspended license, and leaving the scene of a motor vehicle accident are criminal offenses that can result in hefty fines and jail time. The experienced criminal defense attorneys at Dohman Law Group will fight fiercely to protect your rights and secure a favorable outcome.

License Suspension and Reinstatement in DuPage County, Illinois

Certain traffic violations, including in a construction zone or school zone or construction zone, or passing a stopped school bus, carry high mandatory fines and can cause the loss of driving privileges. 

Also, you can lose your license for accumulating multiple traffic citations:

As experienced traffic violation defense lawyers, we’re committed to helping our clients have their driving privileges reinstated after a traffic conviction. We can represent you in the Secretary of State's administrative hearings on license suspension or reinstatement. We’ll work to get your driver’s license reinstated by re-examining the original traffic violation that caused your driver’s license to be suspended. If we’re successful at your drivers' license reinstatement hearing, your license will be reinstated and your driving record won’t reflect the erroneous license suspension.

If you or a loved one have received a traffic violation and are concerned about the potential penalties, contact our Lombard traffic crime attorneys at (847) 616-9993 for a free initial consultation. We’ll discuss the circumstances of your traffic violation, potential consequences, and defense strategies to help you beat your traffic charges. From our law office in Lombard, we have helped thousands of clients throughout Northern Illinois including DuPage County, Will County, Cook County, Kane County, and Kendall County beat their charges and we can help you too.

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