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No matter the traffic offenses, you're facing, an experienced traffic lawyer can help protect your interests and rights. At Dohman Law Group, our experienced Chicago traffic ticket attorneys have decades of legal experience working in the criminal court system. We know clients are scared about the criminal consequences they're facing, and our legal team will work aggressively when presenting your traffic ticket case. Our skilled DuPage County traffic lawyer defend clients throughout DuPage County, Lake County, Kane County, and Cook County, as well as throughout Illinois. Contact our Rolling Meadows law office today at 847-616-9993 to schedule your no-cost initial consultation.

What are the Criminal Consequences of an Illinois Traffic Ticket?

While paying your traffic ticket may seem like the best option, this decision can have severe consequences. Multiple moving violations can cause loss of driving privileges. In fact, certain traffic violations, including passing a stopped school bus, can result in an automatic license suspension even if you have a clean driving record. The loss of your driving privilege may have far-reaching consequences on your professional and personal life. Thus, it's crucial that you speak with a knowledgeable traffic ticket attorney after receiving a traffic ticket to discuss your legal options and determine the best defense strategy.

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Traffic convictions not only affect your driving record but may also affect your auto insurance premiums for the next five years. Insurance companies often view a single traffic ticket as a sign of poor driving, which increases your odds of future traffic tickets and traffic accidents. Typically, insurance companies review their policyholders' public driving records every six to twelve months to determine insurance rates increases and the potential cancellation of auto insurance policies. A recent study found that a single speeding ticket in Illinois for 15 miles per hour over the posted speed limit could result in an average cost of $744 within the next five-year period.

What Can A Traffic Ticket Defense Attorney Do For You?

An experienced traffic ticket defense lawyer can offer you the best legal advice and help you navigate through the legalities and documentation involved in traffic cases. They'll advise you about what is the best way to move forward and try to come up with a plan of action that resolves the case in your favor.

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An experienced traffic defense attorney can present your case and argue your defense in a much more favorable way than you would. If it comes to the traffic court, don't go without an experienced traffic ticket lawyer, or you may not get the best outcome possible.

Traffic defense lawyers will negotiate the terms of your traffic violation in court. If the criminal traffic offense was serious, such as driving under the influence or reckless driving, causing bodily injury to the other party, strong legal representation is crucial, so negotiations can be undertaken with the prosecution.  In less serious traffic cases, a traffic defense lawyer can argue on your behalf and even get the traffic offense dismissed entirely, ridding you of all potential fines and punishments.

What if I'm a CDL holder?

It's essential to note that commercial license holders, such as truck drivers, face more severe legal consequences and stricter regulations after traffic violations than other drivers. Traffic tickets issued to commercial driver's license holders must be handled accordingly, often needing a reduction or amendment of the original traffic charge or court trial where necessary.

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Our legal team understands that a single traffic violation on your driving record can affect your livelihood significantly, causing loss of employment. From overweight traffic violations to using a cell phone in a commercial motor vehicle (CMV) and lane usage restrictions, CDL holders face a wide variety of CDL-related traffic offenses. Our Cook County traffic ticket defense attorneys are well-versed in CDL law and offer qualified legal representation to CDL holders and trucking companies across the nation.

How Long Do Traffic Tickets Stay on Record in Illinois?

The Illinois Secretary of State stipulates that traffic tickets for moving violations will stay on your driving record for four to five years from the date of the traffic conviction. Moving violations include criminal traffic offenses such as disobeying a stop sign, speeding, improper lane usage, and disobeying a traffic control light. The Secretary of State typically removes these traffic offenses from driving records at their discretion after that timeframe.

Traffic tickets that result in a driver's license suspension or revocation will stay on your driving record for a minimum of seven years from the date of your driver's license reinstatement. Traffic convictions for alcohol and drug-related offense, such as drunk driving, will stay on your driving record permanently.

In Illinois, only dismissals and court supervision can prevent a traffic ticket from showing up on your driving record. Traffic convictions not only count toward your driver's license suspension but can significantly affect your auto insurance rates.

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Our knowledgeable traffic defense attorneys can help you get a traffic ticket removed from your public driving record by re-opening your traffic case through the motion to vacate. Under certain circumstances, our skilled Rolling Meadows traffic attorneys can appear in traffic court to request the removal of a traffic conviction even if the traffic ticket was already paid. Of course, because every traffic violation case is unique, it's essential to contact an experienced traffic violation defense attorney to discuss your legal options.

A Rolling Meadows traffic attorney can often increase the odds of keeping your public driving record clean. Contact Marks Law Group if you have received a Cook County traffic citation. Call our Rolling Meadows law office today at 847-616-9993 .

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