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Driving with a suspended license in the state of Illinois is a criminal offense, usually resulting in an arrest and an ongoing criminal case. Driving on a suspended or revoked license can have quite a complex resolution that drags on for a long time after the initial offense, so it’s important to seek professional legal help in navigating the charges.

In such a case, the state only has to prove that you were driving and that your license was suspended or revoked at the time. The penalties can be severe, but with the help of the experienced attorneys at Dohman Law, you have options. Our attorneys who defend cases like this have strong relationships in the courtroom with judges and DAs, which can be a huge help to your case.


I could not be happier with Cary Dohman. I was charged with a second DUI, and he was able to get all charges dismissed! During the processes, I had to stand up before a judge, and I was told “you are lucky to have to have him, he did all the right work to protect you.” My situation would have been a nightmare without him.

– Past Client

Cary was kind, sincere and very knowledgeable about every aspect of the law. He kept my son from doing jail time for 3 offenses. Yes, we hired him again for another problem. The DUI’s and battery charges were dropped. We can’t thank Mr. Cary Dohman enough!

– Julie

Cary was unlike other lawyers I’ve known in the past as he genuinely listens and cares. He promptly returned phone calls and discussed issues with me before, during and after the trial.

– Ed

I hired a lawyer that stood me up and I found Cary and read his reviews and became interested. I called Cary and explained my situation and he got straight to business. He informed me everything that I needed to do, and he didn’t make a promise that he was unable to keep.

– Petralin

This was my first time getting arrested. This was my first DUI. I’m pursuing a career in the healthcare field and needed to fix my mistake. However, I didn’t fix my mistake. Cary Dohman did.

– Erin