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In Illinois a driver has two records a court record and a public record. At Dohman law group we offer legal services to individuals that are facing traffic violation charges. Our Cook County traffic lawyer will offer you an experienced and resourceful defense to help you ensure that you traffic offense stays off the public record. As a result of a traffic violation conviction you are likely to face driver’s license suspension, high auto insurance rates, as well as other harsh consequences.

In order for you to avoid or minimize the negative after math of a traffic violation there are several steps you can take. One of these steps is getting in touch with an experienced cook county traffic lawyer who can help. When you find an experienced traffic ticket attorney they can help fight your case in court and even negotiate for a plea bargain depending on the circumstances of your case. Our experienced traffic defense attorney can offer you the best legal advices and they will be able to answer questions on how best to handle your case.

When you are dealing with traffic conviction charges you deserve the best in terms of legal representation. For that reason you want to find a skilled traffic lawyer with a good track record of helping their clients get the best possible record. We would like to help you maintain a perfect driving record. Talk to us today and let us handle your traffic law issues.

Are You Being Charged of a Common Traffic Offense Charge?

As a result of breaking traffic violation you can end you can end up getting your driver’s license suspended or revoked. Depending on eth circumstances of your case it is possible to get your ticket dismissed or getting court supervision as an alternative for a conviction among other outcomes. When the plaintiff gets court supervision it does not go into their public driving record. Court supervision does not result in getting a convicted. And individual can prevent increased insurance rates from insurance companies and an automatic driver’s license suspension as a result. Previous traffic violations can be reopened for an individual to vacate a guilty plea.

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At Dohman law group we defend traffic violation offenders that have been charged with a wide variety of traffic violation offenses such as;

If you are in the position where you have been arrested and are facing a traffic charge or if you have received a traffic citation get in touch with our law firm. We will listen to your traffic matter and advise you on the best way forward.

The Consequences of a Traffic Violation In Illinois

If you have never been charged with a traffic offense it is best for you to understand the consequences of traffic violations. As a result of accumulating a lot of moving violation you can your driver’s license suspended or it can be revoked. The penalties can have a negative impact you your livelihood as well as your life. Before you make any decision on how to move forward regarding a traffic violation in cook county it would be best to contact a traffic lawyer.

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The violation that you have been charged with will determine the potential consequences of your ticket. You will get 5 points for a minor speeding ticket and 10 points for an improper turn on your driver’s license. While you will not get a lot of points for the minor violation you can get 55 points for at once for a major violation. It is important to note that violations can stay on your public records for 4 to 5 years and as a result of accruing these violations, depending on the total amount of points you have on your license you can either get a full revocation or a two-month automatic license suspension.

What to Look for In a Traffic Attorney

Hiring an attorney doesn’t always guarantee the results you want but it can dramatically increase the chances of your case being successful. There are certain aspects that you should look for in an traffic defense attorney.

One of the most important things while looking for an attorney is to look for one that specializes in traffic law and one who often appears in the traffic court your ticket will be contested in. The relationship the attorney has with the district attorney or traffic judge can positively impact your case.

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Look for a lawyer that offers you a free consultation session. The payment plan and fee is important to consider when choosing a traffic ticket defense lawyer. There are traffic ticket lawyers that will charge you a flat fee from the start of your case up to the end. 

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A lawyer who treats you with respect and one that work together with you to help you achieve the goals you have set is an added advantage. Work with a legal team that does not make the decision for you but gives you options and allows to make your decision. An experienced traffic lawyer should be ready to listen. If you decide that you don’t want a plea bargain and would prefer to go to court the lawyer should be willing to listen. It is also wise to seek legal counsel from the lawyer and ask them what would be the best defense strategy.

Communication is important and you should consider a traffic defense lawyer that effectively communicates with you about your case, one who answers you phone calls, and is ready to give you feedback.

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It is not mandatory but you should consider hiring an experienced traffic ticket lawyer that has been practicing for years since they will be familiar with traffic court procedures in your area.

Let an Experienced Cook County Traffic Lawyer Look At Your Case

Avoid getting an increase in insurance cost, paying an additional fine, or an automatic license suspension when there is a possibility of getting your driving record clean or another better outcome. Our traffic ticket defense attorneys at Dohman Law offer representation to drivers. Let us take care of your case while you focus on work, family, or school. Call us or fill out our contact form and schedule your free initial consultation with a traffic ticket defense attorney.

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